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To apply my experience with strategic, outcomes-focused organizational leadership, innovative library technology development, and design-research methods in a role that challenges me to lead and engage with people, to uncover unmet user needs, and to collaboratively and rationally design products and solutions to meet those needs. My approach to leadership places value on diverse collaboration, accountability, learning, rational decision-making processes, innovative infrastructure, authentic communication, and trust.

Innovative leader: envisioning, co-designing, executing

Over the past 24 years, I have worked in public and private higher education institutions and for-profit corporate research organizations as well as founding and securing funding for a not-for-profit open-source software startup. This experience includes managing and coordinating the efforts of cross-organizational teams, engaging in multi-disciplinary collaboration, co-designing innovative technologies, and fostering robust organizational practice.

Leadership experience

  • Organizational strategy theory and practice with emphasis on adaptive and interpretive strategy, culture change, authentic communication, and applied research.
  • Project management, including planning, tracking, and oversight.
  • Assessment and outcomes-based program design.
  • Fundraising through grant writing and partnerships totaling $3 million.
  • Presentations at the Library of Congress, National Library of Australia, CNI Task Force, and many more.

Technology and design experience

  • Community driven open-source software architecture and design for scalable, interoperable, modular and standards-based systems.
  • Applied, user-centered design-research methods including in-context observation, interview, cultural probe, design charrette, participatory design, and work practice study.
  • Academic library technology design including institutional repository, faceted search interface, metadata transformation platform (RDA, FRBR, MARC, linked data), and discovery system.
  • Contributor to widely used library technology standards including ODI and NCIP from NISO, and the RDA standard from the Library of Congress.
  • User interface patent for a browser-based image search and retrieval tool.